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endeco Plant design for industrial plants – efficient, process-oriented and individual

endeco offers engineering, plant construction, plant consulting, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of your plant with a focus on bulk and liquid plants. We plan and realize individual plants for the industry with focus on process optimization, energy efficiency and simplification of work steps in production plants.

The challenges in the construction of large-scale plants are now relatively complex. We are at your disposal from the concept to the plant design and construction of the large-scale plant, up to the commissioning, and of course we will advise you on quality and costs, environmental compatibility and safety of the plant.

In the planning of your plant, we make sure that the planned profitability of your plant is achieved and that operational follow-up costs are kept as low as possible during production planning, factory planning and logistics. Other techniques such as pneumatic conveying, big bag handling or special silo and tank systems are standard features of our mostly turnkey turnkey plants.

As one of the leading plant engineering companies, we are happy to support you in plant development planning, industrial planning, plant optimization, plant design and, of course, in the development process of mechanical and plant engineering. Our services include cost-optimized basic engineering and detail engineering as well as all other aspects of plant engineering. We also take care of concept development as well as process analyses. We create process flow charts or flow diagrams of process engineering plants and can also calculate the optimal degree of automation.

endeco is your strong partner for plant design and engineering

We at endeco have decades of experience in the field of plant design and with over 1000 realized projects we offer you efficient, reliable and well thought-out production plants. We make sure that no wishes are left unfulfilled in the fields of automation, electrical engineering, plant installation, conveyor technology and plant engineering. Thanks to our planning, your company will become more productive, efficient and safe.

We also have the right solution for plant control, plant service and plant monitoring of all plant components. Contact us and we will be happy to work with you to find the perfect solution for your plant.

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    endeco plant engineering & engineering advantages:

    • Complete solutions from a single source - systems tailored to your needs to increase efficiency through optimal adjustments, for higher productivity with maximum plant safety
    • Owner-managed family business guarantees customer proximity through flat corporate hierarchies
    • Guarantee for long-lasting and future-proof quality with high availability and sustainability - DIN EN ISO 9001 certified
    • Reliable and fair partnership secures long-lasting business relationships worldwide
    • Many years of experience in liquid and bulk handling
    • Service on site by our own assembly teams
    • Customer proximity and competent advice from our own sales force
    • Development of innovative and customized solutions

    Our industries

    anlagenbau lebensmittel

    Systems for food

    baking agent
    Baking mixes
    Diet food
    Ready Meals
    Starch products
    Milk products

    anlagenbau milchprodukte

    Equipment for dairy products

    Whole Milk Powder
    Skimmed milk powder
    Fat Powder
    Buttermilk powder
    Whey powder
    Permeate powder
    baby food
    Coffee whitener
    Milk proteins

    Staerke Mo

    Equipment for starch/protein

    Potato starch
    Pea starch
    Wheat starch
    Tapioca Starch
    protein isolates
    pet food

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    Systems for plastics


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    Equipment for pharmacy

    Flow Amplifier
    Milk powder
    Active ingredients

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    Equipment for chemistry

    Paints and varnishes
    Plant protection
    Insulation material
    Battery masses

    What is plant design about?

    Plant planning is about thinking through all aspects of the industrial plant to be built in advance and presenting them graphically.

    It is not only a matter of layout planning, i.e. the size of the building and the spatial division, but also of including the technical building equipment as well as all aspects of production control, logistics, process planning and process automation and production planning.

    This allows forecasts to be made regarding the size, costs, time and personnel required for the plant. In engineering, concrete work steps are later defined and processes and efficiency are optimized and maximized.

    However, not only automation technology plays a major role in project management, but also plant engineering and installation planning as well as detailed planning, e.g. 3d piping planning, because there is a large number of different pipe classes for process plants, depending on the product to be transported. For example, agricultural products may require different pipe classes than pharmaceutical products. All these aspects are taken into account in the factory planning for plant construction and factory building.

    In plant construction, models are created which can later be referred to when it comes to resource planning and efficiency. However, careful planning also ensures that everyone involved in the project knows exactly where the journey is headed and not just the project engineer or general planner.

    What other advantages does plant design offer?

    A proper implementation planning of all processes in industrial plant construction and plant engineering, not only with regard to construction, arrangement and project planning, but also with regard to materials management, process technology, process engineering, process development, assembly, as well as mechanical engineering and, if necessary, also special machine construction, ultimately ensures that all investments can be planned in advance and helps to drastically reduce the operational follow-up costs arising during commissioning. Simulations of the plant operation can be used to run through various options, which gives information about how profitable your plant can finally be after completion.

    Thorough plant planning also ensures that there is no need for expensive, time-consuming adjustments and retrofitting of the plant, which is often associated with production downtimes.


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